Hedge row maintenance throughout Northumberland and Tyne and Wear.

 Garden tidy up service available.  A well trimmed hedge row can make all the difference, look above for before and after!

 All aspects of tree work under taken. Many more picture to follow.

 Large conifer removal. Stumps can also be removed (customer specification).

STUMP REMOVAL- large stump taken down in five sections

 Three fruit trees topped and re-shaped.


There are many things to be considered when choosing what to do with your outside area. For example what will the space be used for, this will depend upon YOUR LIFESTYLE so you will know best what would suit your needs,  however Mr. Gray is on hand to offer free, impartial advice and a huge range of ideas and many samples to ensure an end result you are 100% happy with. 

Obviously the amount of SPACE you have to work with will have a huge impact on your choice. If you only have a small space to work with don't worry, you still have a vast choice on what you can do as long as you plan to use your space wisely!

Whether your budget is £100 or £100,000 you will always receive the same excellent standard of service. It will, of course, have an impact upon your choice of the products and services available. If your wish is to set a small budget and have your current area modernised or restored it is surprising the effect that can be achieved. If you have a larger budget we can assist you in making the right choices on the huge range of products available and achieve an outcome second to none.